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Online Casino offers three great suites of games in conjunction withStarluck, depending on your particular computer system. Each suite contains avariety of table games, slots and video poker. All of our suites offer the samehigh level of security, gamefairness, casino action, and of course 24/7customer service support. If you are undecided about which suite is best foryou, please chatto a Customer Care Representative now for all the information you need.


Download Deluxe Suite:(Download)

Compatibility:The bottom line:
• Windowsoperating system only (95 through XP)

• No browser necessary (like "Explorer" or"Netscape") ... the Download Deluxe Suite is its ownprogram.
• The bestgraphics, best sounds, high speed gameplay. Play for real, orplay for free! Plus the icon sits on your desktop for totalconvenience. You download the suite once, then access itdirectly from your own computer. Playnow!

Download Deluxe Suite (Download): Download it once, and you've goteverything you need for fantastic casino action. Plus the Starluck Casino iconsits right on your desktop. Nothing could be easier...when you're ready forgaming excitement, just click, log in, join the fun! This suite is for allWindows operation systems, 95 through XP.


Web Deluxe Suite: (JAVA)

Compatibility:The bottom line:
• Mostoperating systems (Windows and Mac)

• Most browsers (Netscape, Microsoft Explorer, versions3+)
• Excitinggraphics, realistic sounds, fast speed. Play for real, or playfor free! No need for any plug-ins or special software. Playnow!

Web Deluxe Suite (JAVA): Hot graphics, fun animations, interactivedealers, quick loading times, great sound effects. All played through your webbrowser, using a technology called JAVA. Absolutely no plug-ins needed! If youare using Netscape or Explorer, on Mac or Windows, you'll enjoy playing here.


Basic Suite: (HTML)

Compatibility:The bottom line:
• Alloperating systems (Windows, Mac, and WebTV)

• All browsers (Netscape, Microsoft Explorer and AOL)
• Play for real,or play for free! Basic graphics. Playnow!

Basic Suite (HTML): All your favorite casino games streamlined fortotal cross-platform accessibility! Those using AOL, WebTV, or very old webbrowsers (version 3 or below), this is the suite for you. You won't have anyproblems with compatibility.

Game Suite Questions:

Don't see your question here? Chatto a Customer Care Representative live now!

I've been playing using the Basic Suite. Now I want to us the Web DeluxeSuite. What do I have to do?
Just choose the WebDeluxe Suite from the Game Room the next time you play! You are always freeto choose the suite you want to play on.

I'm traveling and the computer where I'm visiting doesn't have my DownloadDeluxe Suite. Can I still play?
Sure! Just choose the BasicSuite or WebDeluxe Suite. These suites are accessed right through the Web, so nosoftware is needed except any Web browser, like Microsoft Explorer, Netscape,AOL, or WebTV. You can access your account and play from anywhere in the worldthat has an internet connection.

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