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We take security very seriously at Online Casino. Our Players, and thereforeour casino, depends on it. It is our commitment to security that has made us aglobally respected benchmark of online casino operations since 1997.

Transaction Security

The payment processing center uses the highest levels of data encryption. OurPayment Processing Center uses 128 bit encryption to ensure the highest level ofprivacy and confidentiality of your data both to and from the casino.

Account Security

Each account at Online Casino is operated by these security measures:


1. Controlled access for Players only:

Accounts may only be accessed with a unique accountname and password.Each Player is only allowed one (1) account. Please keep your passwordstrictly confidential. If you lose your accountname or password, areplacement will be issued upon request.

2. Identity verification:

Players must register using their true and legal identity, and arerequired to provide their complete mailing address and contactinformation when creating an account at Online Casino. Registering witha false name or mailing address will cause the associated account to besubject to closure. Random identity checks and other security reviewsare done regularly to protect the integrity of the system.

4. 24 hour/7 days a week support:

If you have any questions regarding the security policies at OnlineCasino, or if you have a specific security related issue that needsattention, please Contact Us.

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